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Glo Bible – iOS Application

The Vision

Glo Bible gathers Study Content from contributing Ministries, Churches, Publishers, and Pastors and puts it just a tap away for you. Linked to each verse are HD videos, pictures, Sermons, Commentaries, maps, virtual tours, and more. No more spending valuable time searching across multiple sources to find what you’re looking for. Just tap the verse and explore these powerful resources in the App.

The Challenges

Despite having good initial adoption rates, there were some issues with the Application that required attention to increase monetization opportunities:

The number of different apps required for the multi-language / multi-regional platform was difficult to manage, as well as the process for onboarding new translations.

The user interface was not friendly as Apple had been in the process of updating its UI/UX when Glo Bible was under development, and hence it required a complete ‘face lift’.

The ‘one tap’ vision was not being realized as users were getting lost in different screens searching for content.

As changes to the system were slowly being made, existing customers’ data was being deleted during the rebuild resulting in great frustration amongst the users.

There was no search functionality. Users had to navigate through Chapters and Verses to find the text they were looking for.

Bible readers wanted to have Reading Plans to follow to keep them on track with their recommended daily readings. The old system had study notes but it was inadequate. What was required was a new, clean design with an integrated Calendar function to keep the reader up to date based on the plan(s) they had chosen.

The Solution

To solve the challenge of how to manage new and different translations, a scalable system needed to be developed that allowed approved content providers (publishers and any third party) to easily suggest translations and media content related to specific verses of the BibleWe accomplished this by building web-based publisher platforms that allow third party providers to submit their content for approval by the Glo Bible administration. Once approved, the content will be automatically included in the App.

Regarding the user experience, as Glo Bible was originally designed for a desktop architecture, we completely reimagined Glo to reflect a Mobile first universe. We created the new interface to be extremely simple and easy to use by adopting the approach of continuous scrolling.  This way the user doesn’t have to turn pages; just a simple swipe will navigate through the content. Tap on any verse, take notes, listen to audio, view videos, etc.  Access is just one tap away, as per the original vision.

In order to migrate users we built a migration tool that allowed them to access the old App until they want to switch over to the new update, thus preserving all of their notes, bookmarks, purchases or other related history. We also provided further support for updates that involve multiple translations by utilizing the standard format of The Digital Bible Library provided at: http://thedigitalbiblelibrary.org.

To improve the search function we built a very optimized tool that not only looks for Verses by reference and text, but also performs a ‘topical search’. For example, if you type in ‘Love’ as the topic it will pull up all the Verses related to the topic of Love. We built algorithms on the backend that are also able to perform searches based on the certain topics. Interested in looking for verses by reference? Just type in John 3:13 as an example and it will take you to the Verse in a single tap.

We then added extra features like a smart search which improved the readability by adding different themes, Sepia mode, night and day mode.

Finally, we designed an extremely easy to use Reading Plan function with an integrated Calendar. The Plans not only suggest what to read on a particular day based upon the Readings chosen, but also provide you with the options to select plans and commentaries from renowned Professors and Pastors.

The Results

The greatly improved Glo Bible Application and User Experience is now achieving its original ROI estimations by easily monetizing the ability to purchase in-App items such as themes, Reading Plans, videos, Sermons, commentaries, etc.  All available at a tap. Premium Subscription Plans are also available for purchase to allow for a totally customized plan and access to all content and services though one convenient monthly payment.