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SugarBearmoji – iOS Application

The Vision

SugarBearmoji is the official app of the famous hair nutrition brand SugarBearHair USA, featuring over 400 brand new emojis including everything from SugarBear’s favorite snacks (anything sweet) to rainbow-haired SugarDolls to show off the hair color and style.

  • Over 200 “SugarDoll” emojis to represent different hair colors and hairstyles, including “big chop” dolls and “bald” dolls.
  • Fun emojis ranging from mermaids, unicorns and butterflies
  • SugarBear themed emoji faces to express yourself ‘beary’ sweetly
  • Emojis are compatible across all devices. Your friends don’t need to have the app installed to receive messages with your SugarBearmojis!

The Challenges

Client had no technical conceptuality and expertise about emoji apps and no idea about how emojis will be represented in the keyboard. The challenge was to display large emojis in limited real estate of the soft keyboard available in the iOS. Installing 3rd party emoji keyboard applications require proper instructions for installation and should be easy to use and have speedy mobility.

The real challenge was to keep application fluid despite using hundreds of high res emojis in the keyboard. The application should represent existing brand-image of the client SugarBearHair.

Keyboard apps were new at that time, so some issues arose regarding user-friendliness, user experience and UI design. This application should not only serve the purpose as an iOS app but should also have strong focus on the original brand marketing.

The application should be entertainment-focus and should have good interactivity so that user can be engaged.

The Solution

We made wireframes for client’s understanding and represented emojis in a grid pattern with 10-12 emojis visible on the keyboard thus enhancing conspicuity of the emojis. We added clear operating instructions on the landing page of the application for the user and added a separate tutorial page in the app with screenshots to guide the user.

Despite having hi-res images and 500-600 emoji images, the performance is optimized and fluid. We incorporated blue and pink themed UI which are the brand colors of SugarBearHair for depicting their brand-image.

As users are not aware about the usage of keyboard apps on iOS, we made sure that application should be user friendly and possess rich user experience. We displayed a URL in the emoji keyboard leading the user to SugarBearHair official website where a user can order their products, thus achieving the product marketing purpose.

We integrated sound and video animations to make the application more fun and interactive to user.

The Results

SugarBearHair extended their digital footprint by having their mobile app along with the website. The app served the marketing purpose well by harnessing the immense popularity of the emoji based applications. Every emoji shared through the application introduced the brand image to the recipient thus increasing the customer base. The app provided the user a link to navigate to SugarBearHair’s online marketplace where they could purchase their products.