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Everythere – iOS Application

The Vision

Discover the world by downloading Everythere and find circuits, trails, tours, deals and hidden secrets in cities, parks, beaches, museums and streets.

Everythere is the perfect guide for tourists, adventure seekers and locals wishing to (re)discover their surroundings and find the most interesting places to visit. Get to know history and culture and learn where the popular places are to visit.

Our sole purpose is to interconnect real world places with digital media through engaging means. The app’s objective is to educate, entertain and inform those who use it.

Everythere – there’s interest around!

The Challenges

The basic idea of Everywhere is to function as a digital tour guide that engages its users to interact with real world places via digital media to educate, entertain and inform. Because of the intricacies yet broad scope of the application, some challenges arose that required attention to create the unique and seamless user experience that was the Vision:

The Client had excellent product knowledge (i.e. target audience, marketing growth stack, monetization and engagement), but had limited technical expertise and required assistance for idea execution and implementation.

iBeacon technology was new at the time and experiencing multiple problems such as limited awareness, limited Bluetooth usage, lack of precision, substandard battery life and other user experience issues.

As it was a newly designed location-based app, the best way to optimize the solution was yet to be identified.  Also, it was critical that every transmission of personally-identifiable information, over the air or over a public network, be encrypted and use optimized hardware / software tracking methodologies.

UI was not intuitive and fluid in terms of user experience, or visually appealing. It had to be both simple yet feature-rich at the same time, and include an exclusive mobile search.

As this app is a digital tourism experience, crafting an unique user experience had to be aligned with the desired goal of “more actions with less user input”.

The Solution

Following Agile and the latest development technologies, our seasoned Project Managers and Application Engineers transformed the Client’s requirements into an actual working Application.

To address the issues and limitations stemming from the ‘newness’ of iBeacon technology, we used a combination of Wi-Fi and bluetooth signals to accurately pinpoint a person’s location, especially difficult to do when they were in close proximity.

Keeping in mind the privacy of the user, DevCrew used encrypted technology to optimize the location tracking functionality, and to ensure confidentiality of the information compiled.

Our dedicated and creative UI/UX designers helped in creating a visually appealing and intuitive user experience in collaboration with the client.We chose a clean card style layout, following design guidelines by Apple and Material Design guidelines by Google.

Finally, in order to provide the information in highly interactive manner, DevCrew combined all the details specific to a single beacon in a beautiful single view layout so that the user doesn’t have to navigate through multiple screens to get all the information available.

The Results

As an alternative to interpretive signage, digital media is a new and highly effective communication and engagement tool. It’s easier to update and can embrace visitors in any language. CONNECT WITH YOUR VISITORS in unique ways. GAMIFY YOUR BRAND – engage like never before by offering an unforgettable and unique experience.

The application is profitable from day 1 and different museums and art galleries are using it since it provides an interactive and engaging indoor guidance tour of the places.