Introduction to Kotlin

Kotlin is a modern and adaptive programming language for Android developers. Being an Android developer, you must have a lot of experience with Java language. Java is an old programming language and very well adopted in various platforms and frameworks but Kotlin have much better features as compared to Java. Kotlin is fully inter-operable with Java code, which means one can […]


Google Glass is Back

Google Glass is back from holidays On July 18th, 2017 Google’s parent company Alphabet gave another life to Google glass. Google noticed that most of the enterprise companies are using Google glass by modifying its software according to their needs. Google glass is back with an enterprise edition along with hardware improvements. It looks similar to the earlier models but […]


First Look at Android O Notifications

Android has recently released the first preview of Android O in which they have added some new features. Today we will talk about what are new features added in Notifications. Notification Channel Notification channel allow the developer to create custom channel for their notification. User can block the notifications of specific categories (channels). To create the notification channel […]