Strategic partner


As a small ambitious business, you’re thinking of collaboratively creating products, services, or solutions that can derive growth to the next level. You have realised that in order to materialize these goals, you have to have a reliable long term tech partner. But how to get a partnership firm and the bigger question is how […]

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Businesses that have started establishing digital footprints will thrive and rest will diminish. Expected global e-commerce sales in the year 2021 are believed to hit $1.2 Trillion. In one of our in-house surveys at DeCrew, we come to know that the majority of e-commerce businesses have witnessed a leap in customer visits in recent months. […]

singolarity man

Towards singularity: AI.

We, so called humans, used to consider us as the center of the universe until Nicolaus Copernicus enlightened otherwise. As per Galileo, you cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself. Da Vinci invested most of his life in learning sciences like anatomy, physics, and chemistry so that he […]